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Posted on Mar 8, 2016 by in Friendship Bench |

Zeebags is the behavioural activation and income generation component of the Friendship Bench project.

At Zeebags, a group of women suffering from depression has been meeting regularly for the past 6 years to share life experiences while making fun bags out of recycled plastic.

Bags are being sold in Harare and internationally.

The proceeds go to the women and help them buy food for their children and grandchildren, pay for their medication and other life expenses.

Over the years, Zeebags have been supported by a designer and a psychologist.  A focus was set on designing a variety of bag models such as a beach bag, a bag with African print lining, a laptop bag with fleece lining as well as a tablet size bag.

The process of refining design and production proved to be an adventurous one.

We are now proud to showcase our work.

 Circle Kubatana Tose

 The experience of Zeebags flowed into the development of the Circle Kubatana Tose used in the Friendship Bench Trial.

As an integral part of the trial, long term participants of the Zeebag team were trained to run peer support groups in the intervention clinics and teach how to make Zeebags from donated VHS tapes. Support group participants were found to enjoy the group work, quite a few managed to successfully sell their newly made Zeebags and thus fund other income generating projects for themselves.

Many groups also spontaneously founded so called mini lending schemes which continued to run successfully even after the RCT was completed.