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Lay health workers

Posted on Feb 14, 2016 by in Friendship Bench |

The lay health workers are employed by the city health authorities of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare and therefore represent a sustainable option to provide this task-shifting treatment approach.

Lay health worker graduation ceremony in Harare, Gweru and Chitungwiza

A few of the faces carrying the programme

Winner of Tick Tick Boom icebreaker Mbuya Jennifer Nekati“I used to give advice to my clients, now I have learned to work with them through their problems which helps them much more. I can also use it for myself and my family.”

 Winner of tick tick boom icebreaker Mbuya Jennifer Nekati



Not just lay health workers but artists too!

Not just lay health workers but artists too! Team building exercise: Back to back drawing to enhancing communication skills involved pairs of people sitting back to back describing a picture card to their partner who would have to draw it, the name of the image could not be mentioned. With a follow up discussion on how people respond when they can’t communicate face to face.


Please have a look into the lay health workers profiles and hopes for the future.


LHW_Virginia LHW_Deliwe  LHW_QueenieLHW_Elizabeth


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