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The Friendship Bench Model
Implementation 5 Phase Delivery

Contrary to some beliefs the Friendship Bench is not just someone sitting on a bench while listening to a person share their problems. 


The Friendship Bench has been developed over a 25 year period from extensive community research and includes multiple structured components. These components have all been designed with the involement and input of psychiatrists, psychologists, professors, project coordinators, researchers, community health workers and community stakeholders.


The package we offer has been broken down into 5 phases, and within each phase exists various stages which get worked in collaboration with possible partners; every delivery will be unique as each community in unique, we've learnt that what sits on either side of the actual Problem Solving Therapy is what creates sustainability and long term community impact.


Establishing Suitability


Theory of Change Workshop


Partner Preperation


Training of Trainers

Training of CHW


Monitoring & Evaluation

Tech & Online Support

So, where to start the process? Start right here with completing a Suitability Checklist.

Establishing Suitability
Suitability Checklist - Phase 1, Stage 1

If you would like to partner or collaborate with the Friendship Bench, please complete our Suitability Check by either filling it out here online. For questions or inquiries email

The Model
Suitability Form
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long will it take to hear from you once we have submitted the Suitability checklist?
    We aim to respond within 2 weeks. However, it does sometimes depend on the number of lists that have been submitted.
  • In what other countries is Friendship Bench located?
    The Friendship Bench is currently in Malawi, Zanzibar, Kenya, and New York City
  • Can I make a donation to the Friendship Bench?
    You can donate to the Friendship Bench by making a bank transfer to our Nostro bank account. Our bank details are; Bank: Stanbic Bank, Zimbabwe Account name: Friendship Bench Account number: 9140000940576 Branch Name: Stanbic Bank Minerva Branch Code: 3125 Bank Address: 6 Duthie Road, Alexandra Park, Harare Swift code: SBICZWHX In Zimbabwe we do not have IBAN numbers.
  • Can I have the Friendship Bench Training Manual?
    We do not give the training manual out.
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