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Looking for an opportunity to work with the

Friendship Bench TEAM?


Master Trainers

DEADLINE: 14 July 2024, 12 noon CAT

Contract: Part-Time

Location: Remote


Multimedia Assistant - Volunteer (x 2)

DEADLINE: 7 June 2024, 12 noon CAT

Contract: 6 months

Location: Hybrid

CLOSED - Admin and Procurement Volunteer

CLOSED - Multimedia Assistant - Volunteers

CLOSED - Master Trainers

CLOSED - Research Assistant

CLOSED - Clinical Psychologists

CLOSED - Grants and Compliance Manager

CLOSED -  Administrative Assistant 

CLOSED - Strategic Information and Evaluation (SIE) Assistant X 10 

CLOSED -  Finance Assistant 

CLOSED -  Friendship Bench Head of Programmes

CLOSED -  Information Technology Manager

CLOSED -  Friendship Bench Implementation Manager

CLOSED -  Friendship Bench Implementation Officer

CLOSED -  Friendship Bench SIE Technical Officer

CLOSED -  Friendship Bench SIE Officer

CLOSED -  Friendship Bench Development Manager

CLOSED -  Clinical Psychologists

CLOSED - Friendship Bench Strategic Information Evaluation Manager


Friendship Bench attachment placements are fully occupied until June 2024.


Annually, the Friendship Bench sends out a call to associate universities for student industrial attachment placements. The student attachement is for a 12 month period and is an intensive time which requires commitment, passion and a desire to want to make a difference in peoples lives. The call is directed to local universities that have an existing Social Science Department inclusive of programs such as; Psychology, Social Work and Sociology.

The Friendship Bench will receive applicant letters, letters of motivation and CVs for screening ONLY during the attachment call period (this is generally around the June period), the shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. Students are encouraged to talk to their head of department to confirm association before submission or to ask their head of department to contact the Youth Friendship Bench team on how to become an associate institution.


Youth Friendship Bench team can be contacted on the following email addresses; 


Further inquiries can also be sent to the above contacts.


All volunteer placements are full.

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