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Let’s change the way we think, talk, act in the workplace. 

What is Friendship Bench in the Workplace?
Through our ‘Workplace Mental Wellbeing’ programme we train corporate Wellness Champions in evidence-based problem-solving therapy (PST) so you are equipped with the skills and tools to be able to help colleagues facing challenges such as chronic stress, burnout, bullying, relationships struggles and more that can lead to the development of common mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety as well as non-communicable diseases like hypertension and diabetes.
For those who don't want a full training but would like to provide mental health awareness and psychoeducation for employees we provide Corporate Sensitization Workshops. 


This initiative contributes towards increased productivity through reduction in workplace injuries, less absenteeism, less presenteeism, prevention of burnout and general increase in workplace harmony. We believe quality mental health care should be accessible and affordable for all.

In partnership:

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Full Training


How does it work?


Basic training and implementation framework

  • 8 days training – 3 days virtual & 5 days face-to-face

  • 30 days internship where trainees see clients and report to the supervision team

  • Graduation after successful completion of internship

  • Participate in monthly supervision sessions for ongoing education & peer support

  • Refresher training, 6 months after the initial training


What criteria is Friendship Bench looking for in an ideal Workplace Mental Wellbeing partner?

  • Must be a fully registered organization/ company

  • Must have a Mental Health/ Wellness component or willing to introduce it in their organization

  • Participants must be willing to attend the entire 8 days of training

  • Trainees must be willing to see clients after the training and submit impact data to FB monthly

  • Trainees must be willing to participate in monthly supervision meetings (at a cost) either virtually or physically for a period of 12months

  • Trainees must attend a refresher training at 6 months after receiving the initial training for fidelity issues


Cost to the Partner

​Costing varies depending on organizational requests. If you feel this is a programme you need let’s connect and discuss options available to you.

Next steps to get Friendship Bench into your workplace…

If the training and criteria outlined above are aligned with your needs & capacity, please complete download and complete the following form and send through to




How does it work?


Workplace Sensitization Basic Framework - Open to Adaption to Suit Corporate Needs 

  • 1 - 2 hours (minimum) workshop

  • Available in-person or virtually

  • Group size, range from 20 to 50 persons

  • Cost on inquiry, dependant on requirements to be discussed


Available Workshop Topics - All or Select

  • What Is Mental Health & What Is Mental Illness

  • Common Mental Disorders including Anxiety and Depression

  • NCD's and their link with Mental Health

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Self-Care, What Is It & Why Is It Important

  • Friendship Bench Services 

  • Mental Health Screening Using SSQ14 Tool

  • Provision of Problem Solving Therapy and Referrals

If this is what you are looking for, complete our contact form and we'll be in touch! // GO TO CONTACT FORM

Sensitizaion Component

Learn About Workplace Mental Wellbeing