Are you looking for mental health support? Or just wanting to talk with someone to help you through a tough time?

Our team of trained peer counselors are here to offer a safe, supportive and normalising environment for all who need to connect, be heard and feel a sense of belonging.

Through cONNECTION AND empathy, in a non-judgemental safe space our Friendship Bench peer counsellors will guide you through a series of steps towards enhanced mental wellbeing. These steps are designed to help you identify, define and create achievable solutions to your problems, as well as help you become a more confident decision maker who is empowered enough to be a self directed problem solver for when future issues arise.



Online Counselling

Easily accessible support on WhatsApp. All sessions are free, anonymous and confidential


Face to face sessions held at the Friendship Bench hub. All sessions are free and confidential


If self directed support is more your style we have some great resources that are free to download



Problem solving therapy – sometimes referred to as ‘structured problem solving’ – is a brief, evidence-based, cognitive–behavioral intervention used to help people cope with stressful life experiences, increase resilience, and improve people's functioning in various areas of their lives, be it personal, professional, social or self directed development.


Problem-solving therapy works by teaching individuals a series of sequential steps and empowering skills. These steps and skills encourage people to take responsibility and control over their lives, they promote active participation in the change making process so that individuals learn to utilize whatever influence they have to effectively make decisions and achieve defined goals.

The Steps


"I am beyond grateful to Bernice at the Friendship Bench who continued to check in with

me even after our sessions had finished. I needed that follow up to keep

reminding me that I could keep going even when I was tired."

Tino, Online Client