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Creating safe spaces and a sense of belonging during COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented levels of disruption worldwide. In addition to the direct impact of the virus on human health, the impact on social, emotional, and economic well-being is tremendous and will only continue to grow.


At the Friendship Bench, we remain committed to providing sustainable community-based mental health services through this time of increased social isolation and uncertainty. Below are a few of the ways we are working to safely support to our communities right now:



We are developing and publishing a wide range of EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS POSTERS AND INFOGRAPHICS which are freely available to download on our website content carried through to our social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).


With the use of WhatsApp, the most popular voice and messaging app in Zimbabwe, our Youth Friendship Bench buddies host DAILY GROUP CHATS for the youth as they sit at home during lockdown and the subsequent shut down of schools. Groups are open and free to join, and by using WhatsApp we open the conversation and community to people who may have got stuck in another country as boarders closed but are seeking comfort from connecting with groups closer to home. 


All materials can be shared and downloaded freely.



FB Open Line offers one-on-one problem solving therapy over WhatsApp or Zimbabwe's standard telecommunication services for all who need. The servcie is free, people can remain anonymous and sessions are confidential.


To connect with the FB Open Line service message +263 784 845 294, select a date and time that suits, and then be ready to be contacted by one of our trained peer counsellors on the agreed date.

We will continue to prioritize delivering access to mental health at the highest level, to the greatest number of people. Our vision is to have a Friendship Bench within walking distance for everyone. We believe that many of the shifts that we are making to accommodate the realities of COVID-19 will also strengthen our work and our capacity to deliver on this vision over the long term.


As always, be kind to your mind (be extra kind during this time of uncertainty), accept the change and be open to a new way of being. 

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